Country Circus is easy to describe... They are the secret fraternity to which everyone is invited. They are the mutt that no one wants to be without but nobody wants to care for and they are the jeans at the party where everyone wears a suite. They bring a feeling of being on the way...to and from...so be a clown and join the circus!
Country Circus is a band built for live performances and the good life - A high energy festival act as well as an original acoustic americana experience. Each member of the band contributes with a bag full of experience, talent and stories to tell. Country Circus melodies and lyrics comes in an honest package – A package wrapped by learning the hard way. Club gigs and festivals in Scandinavia and Europe, recording sessions in Sweden and US... The Circus is always on the move.

Previous to being members of the joint venture Country Circus, the members entered stages before and after artists as Dwight Yoakam, Carlene Carter, Marty Stuart and Steve Earle.

As a band, Country Circus is easy to fit in any start line. Whether they highlight as a solo act, start of an entire fiesta alongside other artists or being the finale, they will deliver and they will give the audience a musical experience that will grow into a cherished memory, something to remember on days less joyful.

Frontman Henry Anderson (lead vocals and guitar) is more than a musical artist. With a seldom seen connection with any audience, in any part of the world, Anderson really does his share to create that certain mood that takes a good musical event to being the best!

…and yeah, as a bonus, the band originates from Sweden...

Country Circus is
Henric Andersson (vocals &  guitar), Anders Härdevik (harmonica and accordion), Denis Tajic (keyboards), Jim Uusikartano (guitars, Dobro &  lap steel), Stefan "Steppen" Andersson (bass guitar and background vocals) and Magnus Nilsson (drums).